campfire announcement no eggs poultry across border

Announcement: No Eggs, Poultry Across Border

We just got word that until further notice, eggs and poultry are not being allowed from the United States to Canada.

So if eggs are a staple for your camping breakfast or the batter you fry your trophy walleye in, be aware that you’ll have to purchase eggs at one of the convenience or grocery stores across the border. The same goes for any poultry.

We will keep you updated when this ban lifts, but share this blog post with your friends on social media so the guys know to save room in their coolers by not packing eggs or poultry across the border.

Until next time!

Important travel documents map

Important Travel Documents

When traveling to Ontario from the States, it’s imperative to remember to bring the important travel documents with you as you prepare for a fishing trip or other stay in Canada. Here’s a list of the documents and papers you shouldn’t forget:

Travel Documents


Birth Certificate


Credit Cards (remember to tell your credit card company you’re traveling out of country so they don’t put a security lock on your cards)

Fishing License

Outdoor Card

Hunter’s Safety Card

Hunting License


Parent Permission Letter 


Reservation Confirmation  

Traveler’s Checks

Insurance Card

Vehicle Registration

Important Phone Numbers (insurance, doctor, auto repair, roadside assistance, emergency contact)

Medical ID Tags

Important Medical Documents

Driver’s License

Road Side Assistance Info

Fishing and Hunting Regulations

Applicable Warranty information for vehicle and other equipment

While this may seem like overkill when it comes to bringing paperwork for an Ontario walleye trip, you’ll need many of these documents for crossing the border and for making sure your trip runs smoothly. Better to be prepared than faced with an emergency and no way of making contact with those who can help.