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Here’s to 2016!

What a year it has been for Pasha Lake Cabins and Best Ontario Fishing! Thanks for all the support in 2015 and for amping up all we are looking forward to in the new year. We couldn’t have done it without your support and enthusiasm, without you reading and sharing our posts, without your love […]

2015 Season Recap – July

Hands down, July is my favorite time of year. There is so much going on in July. Water temps are peaking at all time highs, bugs are minimal, weather is predictable, the days are long and, July’s most important trait–the walleye fishing–is RED HOT! 2015 was no different. We had a tremendous stabilization in the weather that afforded […]

One Man’s Trophy

By Scott Turner Over the last few months, there has been a lot of controversy regarding “trophy hunting.” Please don’t get me wrong, this is not meant to be a political, moral or ethical lecture. My thoughts are more of observation and self-reflection. I do admit every time I reel up a fish I get […]

Buck Sparring at the Maple House

It was Monday, early November 2015. The prolonged warm weather allowed me more time than usually to get everything battened down for the upcoming winter. If fact, I just helped the septic guy pump our tanks when I settled in for what was to be just another day in the office. It was shortly after 10am when all […]

2015 Season Recap

Hey everybody, long time no write. I apologize to all the BOF followers out there for my noticeable sabbatical from writing. The season at Pasha Lake was like nothing we’ve ever experienced, requiring all hands on deck to keep up the pace. Between a new cabin renovation, finishing a walk-in cooler, guiding, and bear and moose hunters, it […]


Check out the majesty of this big guy. This is the kind of amazing outdoor wildlife action you’ll see in Ontario, folks. Some great Pasha Lake moose right there (photos captured by Wade Boardman). Come see it for yourself! All of Ontario awaits you–but Pasha Lake Cabins is your go-to destination. Until next time…  

Total Family Experience

By Scott Turner It is beyond true that Pasha Lake Cabins has some of the best fishing and hunting adventures imaginable. I think anyone who has made the trip there would have to agree. With that in mind, though, if your family is anything like mine, not everyone in your clan may want to fish […]

New Girls on the Block

By Scott Turner Lake Onaman–Round 1 Trying to wait out the weather again seemed to be a good idea on a windy, rainy morning. By lunchtime, cabin fever was kicking in and mother nature had settled down to a nice steady mist. Seemed like the perfect time to get things on the move. I loaded […]

Not a Bust

By Scott Turner A few weeks back, I asked my 15 year old daughter, Jessica, “How many fish do you want to catch when we go to Pasha?” Her response: “100.” “So, 15 a day Jessica?“ She quickly replied back, “That’s not very many for up there!” We both had a laugh and carried on […]