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More Light Tackle Deep Water Trout Techniques

In the summer time, lake trout hit best in the morning between first light and 10:30 am. They will hit better if the surface of the water is dead calm and it’s a clear sky with high pressure. Any other conditions will cause them to slow down. If it’s early spring, the trout seem to […]

Light Tackle Deep Water Trout Techniques

Pasha Lake Cabins has many trout lakes you can drive to by car, boat in, or portage to. Even if you’re vacationing at Pasha Lake for the awesome walleye and pike fishing, you can still fish deep for trout with your light and medium action walleye and pike equipment. The trout species available in our local […]

The Inspiration of Tracy Breen

Today, I am not going to talk fishing or about how great Canada is. I’d like to, but recently I experienced a recharging of my batteries, a renewal of my energy. And I am completely amped to share my experience with the rest of the world. At a Christian Sportsman’s Dinner this month, I got to rub […]

Group Commitment: Pick Dates

You’re still trying to get your favorite group of buddies up to Ontario to fish some of the best walleye lakes out there, but if you’re the one organizing and trying to schedule around everyone’s busy lives, you’re feeling the frustration right about now. You realize that choosing a time for everyone to meet in […]

Fishing Packing List

Continuing the topic of preparedness, what you need to bring along (like important travel documents), and overall getting ready for the best Ontario fishing trip of your lifetime, here’s a list of suggested fishing gear to bring with in order to make your trip a success. Fishing Anchor Backpack Bail Bucket Bait Bait Container Batteries for […]