Chad & Michelle Thompson are owners of Pasha Lake Cabins, a hunting and fishing lodge located in one of the most prolific wildernesses of Northwestern Ontario.  Since taking over the lodge in the winter of 2005, they’ve help thousands of travelers achieve their dreams of experiencing everything the great Canadian Shield has to offer.

Not only have the facilitated endless successful fishing and hunting trips for their guests, they’ve also been featured on wildly popular TV programs like – Babe Winkelman’s Good Fishing, The Fish’n Canada Show with Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman, In-Depth Outdoors with James Holst, The New Fly Fisher and Mark Romanack’s Fishing 411. Chad also conducted an exclusive, one on one interview with the legendary fisherman, Al Linder and they donate annually to his Teen Challenge Fishing Tournament.

While they’ve been honored to help so many people, Chad and Michelle want to reach outside their current clientele taking their role to the next level.  They want to help everyone who has been or is seeking a fishing or hunting experience in pristine forests of Northwest Ontario.  To that end, they’ve created this blog and dedicated it to helping you!


chad & michelle thompson



  • Chad stepped on Canadian soil for the first time in June 1981 when he was only 6 years old. It was a fishing trip with his dad (Gary) and brother (Cory). They visited the Nester Falls area where Cory landed a trophy crappie.
  • Michelle’s first trip to Canada was July 2000. She went to Thunder Bay with college friends.
  • Cavin Thompson (Chad & Michelle’s youngest boy) is a Canadian–aka “Bush Baby.” He was born in Thunder Bay in March 2008.
  • Chad & Michelle were engaged while on a fishing trip to Canada. Chad proposed while fishing from a pontoon. They were at “The Chutes” which connects Minnitaki and Abram Lake near Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
  • Chad barely graduated high school with just over a D average. He just missed graduating with academic honors from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
  • When not fishing in Ontario, Chad has several hobbies including fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation. Go figure!
  • Chad spent several years in the late 90s-early 2000s as a “River Rat”–a Twin Cities-based water ski show team. He even tried competition bare footing, but never made a legitimate go at it.
  • Caleb is Chad & Michelle’s second born son. He has a rare chromosome abnormality. The clinical term for his deletion is 7q32.34. It means that Caleb’s abnormality is on the long (q) arm of Chromosome 7 where genes 32 through 34 are affected. To this day, Caleb continues to melt the hearts of all those he comes in contact with!
  • Carmyn Rose is the fourth child and only daughter. At 3 years old, one of her favorite things to do was ride the family 4 wheeler–a 90cc Yamaha.
  • CJ (Chad Junior) is the family’s first boy. He is an academic stud (Michelle’s influence). While living in Canada, he learned to read by age 4. Today, he regularly tutors younger students and is a force to be reckoned with in basketball, soccer, and football.
  • Two years ago, Caleb was involved in a potentially fatal accident where he nearly flew out of a fishing boat at a high rate of speed. With the quick thinking and even quicker actions of Anna Kreskey, she was able to grab ahold of his life jacket and save the day. It was a VERY scary moment!
  • Chad originally wanted to be a police officer before entering the Canadian lodge industry. In fact, in addition to his B.S. degree in Recreation, he has an A.S. degree in law enforcement.