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Total Family Experience

By Scott Turner

It is beyond true that Pasha Lake Cabins has some of the best fishing and hunting adventures imaginable. I think anyone who has made the trip there would have to agree. With that in mind, though, if your family is anything like mine, not everyone in your clan may want to fish or hunt everyday.

Our family trip in late August found us traveling west to Thunder Bay midweek of our stay. So with a little internet research and a conversation with Michelle, we planned our day trip activities. (As a side note, these quick little adventures we went on would make great spots to stop at on your way to or from Pasha Lake Cabins as well).

Our first stop was Eagle Canyon Adventures which is about 90 minutes from Pasha. Eagle Canyon offers three great attractions: two suspension bridges over 300 feet in length, Canada’s longest zip line, and absolute fantastic views. You can stay as long as you want and cross the bridges as often as you would like. There are plenty of picnic tables, clean restrooms, and not many people.

And if anyone has a fear of heights similar to my wife Tracey, this may be your opportunity to conquer it!

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Our next stop was Panoramic Amethyst Mine which Michelle highly recommended. Once we arrived, I could see why. With a modest entrance fee of $8, you have access to view the mine and take a brief but very informative tour. The gift shop features jewelry, as well as polished and carved stones at reasonable prices. The mine also sells garden to nearly boulder sizes of rock containing the purple gem.

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Now here comes the fun part–the mine dumps tons of overburden over a large area and you and the kids can “mine” your own Amethyst for $3 a pound.

As per our tour guide a pound of Amethyst is equal to a very large handful. The gems can be found on top as well as below the surface, and they are plentiful and very easy to find (just like the walleye at Pasha!)

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Our final stop was the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope Memorial (also doubles as a rest stop) just west of Thunder Bay and less than a minute off the highway. I would highly recommend everyone to stop for a moment at this very tasteful tribute to one Canada’s greatest citizens. Terry Fox lost a leg to cancer at the age of 18 but never gave up his hope of helping others.

At the age of 21 Terry began his Marathon of Hope. Terry ran a marathon almost every day from April 20, 1980, to September 1, 1980. This feat lasted for 143 days and 5373 km. These marathons took him from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to almost Thunder Bay. Terry had planned on running across Canada but his cancer came back and could continue no further. Terry passed away on June 28, 1981, at only 22 years old. Terry’s legacy continues today, and to date, the foundation that honors him has raised over $650 million towards cancer research. The view alone makes this a good pit stop, but Fox’s legacy and his memorial will leave you awestruck.

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Whether you make a day of these side trips or use them as breaks on your ride, I would highly recommend any of them to enhance your overall experience to Ontario’s North West and Pasha Lake Cabins.

About Scott Turner: I have been married for 18 years to my wife, Tracey, and we have two talented and beautiful daughters, Jessica (15) and Jacqueline (12), as well as Sadie, our German Shorthair Pointer. I am currently the president of the Greater Windsor Track & Field Club which includes 200 youth athletes.

A conservative estimate of the days I spend afield would be in the neighborhood of 200, spread between fishing, hunting and trapping. I would have to say my favorite fish to pursue would be the one that is biting the best! I consider myself a generalist, I fish whatever species I can when I can. I am very excited to be a member of Pasha Lake’s Pro-Staff team. My goal is to fish as many lakes in the region as possible and report back to you. I hope some of my experiences at Pasha Lake Cabins help enhance your next trip or maybe encourages you to come up and try Pasha Lake Cabins for the first time. It’s a trip you will not regret. 

Follow me on Twitter: @turnerscott2009

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