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Not a Bust

By Scott Turner

A few weeks back, I asked my 15 year old daughter, Jessica, “How many fish do you want to catch when we go to Pasha?”

Her response: “100.”

“So, 15 a day Jessica?“

She quickly replied back, “That’s not very many for up there!”

We both had a laugh and carried on our business.

Well, after watching the rain for the better part of the first day at Pasha Lake, Jessica, her friend Chloe, and I thought we should give it a try around 3 o’clock. Jacqueline, my youngest at almost 13, decided to stay dry along with my wife, Tracey, back at the cabin. A fairly persistent drizzle was still happening, so we opted to head to a little “boat in” gem right out Pasha’s back door step. I had been to this spot a couple of years ago so I was pretty excited to get back there again.

With a short portage into this little back lake and armed with our Panther Martin spinners, we were ready for the hot action I had encountered there before. Now what do I mean by hot action? I would estimate I averaged about a bite every third cast. Our quarry was to be the brook trout–not monsters like you find on Lake Nipigon, but quantity was almost assured.

Famous last words? “Assured.”

I guess it should have been more like never count your chickens… you get the idea. After 2 hours of fishing we had amassed 6 trout in the boat. Now don’t get me wrong–we missed quite a few fish that we had some chances with. However, many of us would count this outing a bust.

The girls where getting cold and wanted to head back to the warmth of the cabin. I didn’t want to push the envelope with them by staying out in the elements, so we headed back.

After dinner, the weather broke. I spoke to Chad and we thought I should take another shot at it. I had seen a couple of nice fish rising on our first venture so I had to give it a second chance.

I was just about to push off when a young man named CJ (Chad & Michelle’s oldest) ran up and asked if I was going to fish because “he does some guiding on Pasha Lake.”  I told him I was going to a different lake, but I asked for a couple of points on Pasha which he was more than happy to offer. When I informed CJ where I was heading off to, he told me he had never fished it before and asked if he could come with me. I said of course but he would have to ask his parents first–I was happy to have the company.

I have to say I have not seen a kid move that fast in quite a while!  Within minutes CJ was running towards me at full tilt, fishing pole in hand, and his life jacket ready.

The result, one brook trout caught by my new buddy CJ! I think the changing pressure was just too much for the brookies at this point.

When we were heading back CJ said something that really stuck with me “thanks for taking me, I had a really good time.”

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Now this may be easy to say or sound like a cover up because we didn’t catch a lot, but these three kids actually had a good time not catching that many fish. My daughter and Chloe were laughing with or at each other most of the time they were in the boat. As a bonus Chloe, caught her first ever brook trout and could not believe how beautiful they actually are.

CJ had the opportunity to tell an adult about the sports he plays, the fish he has caught, and his plans to bring his brother back to this spot. The boys cleaned up on the trout later during the week. CJ and I heard wolves calling and a moose crashing through the bush so loud it sounded like a bulldozer.

I have definitely caught more fish on other Pasha Lake Cabins adventures, but I didn’t really mind because we all had a really good time! The time is worth it, everyone. The adventure is more than worth it. Get out and take a kid fishing.

About Scott Turner: I have been married for 18 years to my wife, Tracey, and we have two talented and beautiful daughters, Jessica (15) and Jacqueline (12), as well as Sadie, our German Shorthair Pointer. I am currently the president of the Greater Windsor Track & Field Club which includes 200 youth athletes.

A conservative estimate of the days I spend afield would be in the neighborhood of 200, spread between fishing, hunting and trapping. I would have to say my favorite fish to pursue would be the one that is biting the best! I consider myself a generalist, I fish whatever species I can when I can. I am very excited to be a member of Pasha Lake’s Pro-Staff team. My goal is to fish as many lakes in the region as possible and report back to you. I hope some of my experiences at Pasha Lake Cabins help enhance your next trip or maybe encourages you to come up and try Pasha Lake Cabins for the first time. It’s a trip you will not regret. 

Follow me on Twitter: @turnerscott2009


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