Northern Pike Pasha Lake Cabins

Weekly Report {August 19, 2015}

As usual this time of year, I am late in getting my report out. Bear baiting for bear hunting at Pasha Lake and some crazy fishing have me running in umpteen million directions. So here goes the short hand version.

  • Bear harvest stands at 14 after 4 days!!
  • Fishing has been exceptional: 7 Pasha Lake Trophy Club Hats handed out in the last 2 weeks–all for Northern Pike of 40”–and of course the Walleye Dream Trip and Onaman are delivering as usual.
  • New improvements to cabins are near completion–new foundations, finishing up Cabin #6, and Michelle’s handy work in cabin #7, #5 and #1.
  • More pictures to follow! We are having ONE HECK OF a season here. It’s been unreal! Thanks for your patience and grace in me getting my reports out.

DSCN2523-(2) image3

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