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One-Man Walleye Opener Part 2

By Scott Turner

Day 2 was a little bit different than Day 1 of my one-man walleye opener–and that’s putting it mildly. The temperature had dropped about 15 degrees C or about 27 degrees F by my calculations. Oh, and add some winds kicking in at least 25mph. My enthusiasm was taking a hit but I was not going to give up! After talking with Chad about my previous day’s success, he thought it would be wise to follow the same pattern of looking for outflows. Chad gave me some options including going back to the same body of water. I opted for trying something new and seeing some more of the country: another great scenery spot with a beautiful set of rapids.

rapids rapids


As soon as the boat was launched, the rain started and I had a 5 mile ride directly into the wind.  No worries though. I simply pulled the brim of my hat down and made a run for the upstream rapids. Now Chad had told me to hit as much of the bay as I could where the rapids were located at. I did attempt it, but the wind made boat control very difficult. A drift sock would have been perfect in this spot, but I did not bring one along. I knew there had to be fish in this bay because it just looked too good.


With the success of Day 1, I decided to follow the same pattern that proved itself.  Now normally I would look for a wind-swept point or rock face to fish. This was problematic because the current was relatively strong, and the wind only assisted the pushing around of the boat. Looking at the shoreline, I noticed a point followed by a small bay or indentation in the rock face of about 20 feet.

Water depth was again 10 feet and the current was moving quite slowly, maybe a leisurely walking pace at best. I was able to back troll very easily in that spot and keep my jig vertical. I managed to boat 9 walleye and 8 pike on the outing, only tallying up to about 90 minutes of fishing.  I will admit I did pull the plug early as the weather was getting pretty sour and I had dish pan hands from the rain.

fish from rapids   image2

fish on tailgate

I hope a trip to Pasha Lake Cabins is in your future, and if it is, be on the lookout for wildlife around every corner. On my short trip I was fortunate to see four bears, a moose, a snowy owl, two sand hill cranes, a red fox, a pair of bald eagles, countless ruff and spruce grouse, and more snow shoe hares than I could count.

moose tracks   rabbit   wildlife

Your adventure can be as mild or wild as you wish. You simply have to tell Chad what you would like to do. There is great fishing on lakes hidden right off the highway to taking his Dream Walleye Trip which I did a few years ago with my oldest daughter then 12.

Looking forward to my next Pasha adventure in August 2015 with my family.

About Scott Turner: I have been married for 18 years to my wife, Tracey, and we have two talented and beautiful daughters, Jessica (15) and Jacqueline (12), as well as Sadie, our German Shorthair Pointer. I am currently the president of the Greater Windsor Track & Field Club which includes 200 youth athletes.

A conservative estimate of the days I spend afield would be in the neighborhood of 200, spread between fishing, hunting and trapping. I would have to say my favorite fish to pursue would be the one that is biting the best! I consider myself a generalist, I fish whatever species I can when I can. I am very excited to be a member of Pasha Lake’s Pro-Staff team. My goal is to fish as many lakes in the region as possible and report back to you. I hope some of my experiences at Pasha Lake Cabins help enhance your next trip or maybe encourages you to come up and try Pasha Lake Cabins for the first time. It’s a trip you will not regret. 

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