northern pike ontario locating northern pike

Locating Northern Pike

Northern pike are at the top of the food chain in most Ontario lakes. They eat just about anything. Walleyes, trout, whitefish, perch, chubs, shiners, frogs, snakes, birds, bugs, and other pike are all on the menu. Let’s talk finding these northern pike (tips compliments of Pike Heaven).

Traditional locations

Small to medium-size northern pike generally stay in thick weeds and close to shore. They will stick to the back of bays where water warms up quickly with the morning sun and they have lots of weeds to hide in.

You can find big trophy northern pike in the back of bays and in thick weeds as well, but generally the really large northern pike are more likely to hang around points leading into bays, narrows between islands, or in river current. They need breathing room and like to ambush bigger prey like walleyes. They like to hang around areas where walleyes are migrating through.

pike location map locating northern pike

Deep water pike

On lakes where there is a high population of trout and whitefish, many of the massive trophy pike will go deep to feed. Trout and whitefish have more oil and are far more rewarding in calories than walleye or small pike. Deep water pike fishing is something few people ever think about trying. There will be 20 to 25 pound pike patrolling the bays and points but the really big 35+ pound pike will be down deep.

There are two ways to catch them down deep. You can jig with lures like you are ice fishing or troll for them. To troll down deep for pike is basically the same as trolling deep for lake trout. The difference is you use Dardevle spoons or bigger muskie lures. This is not a popular way of fishing because you are not going to catch smaller pike like you do close to shore, and with a limited amount of holidays, most people prefer to see action and hope they come across a big one while trying for those small and medium size pike.

As far as lures, northern pike hit just about anything that moves and stay tuned for a comprehensive list of the lures that will bring in the big guys.

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