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Group Commitment: Pick Dates

You’re still trying to get your favorite group of buddies up to Ontario to fish some of the best walleye lakes out there, but if you’re the one organizing and trying to schedule around everyone’s busy lives, you’re feeling the frustration right about now. You realize that choosing a time for everyone to meet in person and discuss this trip (or set up a conference call if you’re in different geographical regions) is a good place to start. Read on for the second tip.

TIP #2

Pick dates– another very effective way to get group commitment is to pick dates. I recommend narrowing things down to two options, in this case to two time frames.  Email or call everyone and let them know the only two options for the trip. By doing this, you eliminate the uphill battle of trying to appease everyone and their schedules. Instead, when you pick the dates, they are forced to make their schedule accommodate the group. This also eliminates a lot of the back and forth with suggestions–things like “what about this week?” or “I can’t go that week.” Just pick the dates and it sets a whole different tone for getting a group commitment. The nature of having only two options means people are much more likely to make one of them work.

Food for thought – Herbert Bayard Swope is quoted as saying, “I can’t give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody.”

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