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Group Commitment (It Might Be Easier To Solve World Hunger)

Being the point person coordinating a fishing or hunting trip to Canada can be a daunting task. Anybody who’s ever been there can relate. It’s the equivalent to trying to land a 45 inch pike on ZEBCO spooled with mono. It can be done, but not without a whole lot of sweat, tears, and in some cases, drawing of blood!

So what to do if you find yourself in this precarious dilemma? Read on as I have some tips that have helped group coordinators get all hands on deck!

TIP #1

Group meetings–  if your group is in a close geographical location, pick a time and place to meet in person. Most groups facilitate the meeting in combination with something else–for instance, Friday night at the local pub or poker night at Joe’s house. Picking a time when everyone is likely to show up is important. That’s why weekend nights work well. Most people keep their weekends open for some R&R and getting together with friends and family. 

Another option is setting up a conference call. I’ve seen this used very effectively with groups living far apart. There are many free conference call web sites out there. Do a quick internet search to find one, email the phone number, access code, and meeting time to everyone and you’re all set. If you want to get really fancy, some conference call providers allow you to record the call for future use or distribution to others. 

Food for thought – it someone can’t commit to a group meet, in person or on the phone, what’s the likelihood they’ll commit to the trip?

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