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Fish Ontario–Get Free Money

The Canadian government has a tourism incentive for anglers and hunters visiting Ontario.  If you book an all-inclusive package, you are entitled to refund of half or your total tax. In other words, if you’re a large group and pay $300 in HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), the Canadian government will cut you a check for $150.

To qualify, you need to make sure you book these two things:

1)      An “All Inclusive” Package

2)      You need to be provided a “service”

For guests visiting Pasha Lake Cabins, that means anyone who books the Fishing Package is eligible for the 50% refund.

Pasha’s Fishing Package is all-inclusive in that we provide the weekly cabin rental, boat and motor rentals, all the bait and access to all lakes. We also provide fishing cleaning services, semi-guide service, food service at our Tuesday Night Fish Fry and, on occasion, guide service.

Time is of the essence. Refunds are given up to one year after your stay. Click here to download the refund form.

Make sure the official receipt from your accommodations is signed and dated by an employee of the outfit you stayed at. The bill also requires verbiage along the lines of “all inclusive package” and you were provided a “service.” Finally, it has to be marked “paid.” At Pasha, we usually include the package as one line item and the service as the second line item on the bill. We sign it, stamp it paid, and it’s a done deal.

If you have questions about how to submit the paperwork or what is needed, email me at Chad [@] pashalake [dot] com.

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